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I Met Stanley Clarke Today

July 29, 2010

I met Stanley Clarke today, arguably the world’s most famous bass player. I met him because of the work that I’m doing preparing an art exhibition for Sidney Randolph Maurer. My employer, Allan Rich, and Stanley Clarke share Maurer as a mutual friend and are teaming up to promote his work at an upcoming art opening at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) on September 21, 2010.  (See Stanley is a really great guy. He’s doing his friend a solid favor by lending his celebrity to promote his friend’s artwork. I also met Stanley’s wife, Sofia, as well as his friend and musical partner Sunnie Paxson. It was a thrill for me to meet someone of Clarke’s stature, having dabbled as a bass player myself, and coming from a family of bass players. Even though Stanley Clarke is known as a jazz bassist it would have been a fun story to relate to my late brother, Steve. This meeting came just a little too late.

Stanley Clarke and me


My Brother, Steve Rickett

July 25, 2010

I created this WordPress blog as a way for my late brother Steve’s friends and colleagues to remain in touch. Until meeting so many of you at his memorial service in Savannah last July 17th, I was not aware of how well respected he was musically. I heard many interesting stories, both publicly and privately that I hope will make it to this website.  I wouldn’t want his musical accomplishments to slip into oblivion. I invite you to comment and contribute.